It Has Begun - Words & Images by JB
30th Jan 2012 Posted in: Blog 3
It Has Begun Words & Images by JB

Winter training is not glamorous. There is little need in writing much about long, cold, hard rides. These are the days we quietly sew our oats for races to come. We bundle up, we roll out and we don’t bother to talk much. There’s work to be done. Best get to it. Photo above is Jared on Blue Mountain keeping us honest. Below: splashes of color on a pale, asphalt canvas.

Looking for results around the corner when Winter turns to Spring, Rapavi makes a deposit into the pain bank.

No words needed.

Thanks to Andy C for turning a good ride into a great one with a new route over Blue Mountain. And props to Jared for turning the screws on all of us and tapping out a damn impressive climb.

Winter training rides bring us together unlike any other time of year. There is something unsaid yet fully known when you suffer together. Returning from over 4 hours of steady rolling LtoR: Jared Janowiak, Mike Davis, Matt Nowak, Andy Cicero and Alex Rapavi.

3 Responses

  1. Matt Nowak says:

    Money in the bank, baby. Too bad I was barely functional by the end. Thanks to everybody for keeping the spirits up!

  2. JC says:

    Damn. Wish I was there, gents.

  3. Alexander Rapavi says:

    Loved the route variation — Weather+ Blue and Paris Mountain . . . huge thanks JB, Matt, Jared, Mike and Andy. Tough ride –

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