Zipp Road Wheels by Rapavi
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Zipp Road Wheels by Rapavi

I have been riding Zipp wheels for the past two years.  During the racing season, I compete in several 40K, 20K and sprint-length individual time trials to include numerous USA Cycling-sanctioned state-level events and a tough regional points series.  The courses I race on range from pancake flat and fast (and generally windy) to significantly hilly with ripping descents and tight corners.  Road conditions vary from fresh macadam to, let’s say, less maintained.  I have used Zipp 404/808, 808/1080 or 808/900 pairings on every course.  These wheels are doubtless the most aerodynamic hoops available and are considerably lighter (yet stronger) than other sets I’ve ridden.  Aerodynamic properties and weight aside, they are confidence-inspiring in tight descents taken at speed, in corners, and when placed under heavy braking loads.  Stability in crosswinds?  No problem.  Last but certainly not least, the bearings are of impeccable quality.  Friction?  What friction?  I liked my carbon Zipps so much I recently began riding Zipp 101s on my criterium bike.  The Zipps have taken everything I’ve thrown at them and in a phrase, seem to defy physics.  Thoroughly impressed.

– Alexander Rapavi
2011 Palmares:
2nd WV State TT Championships
3rd NC State TT Championships
4th VA State TT Championships
5th Mid Atlantic Time Trial Series
5th State of VA, Individual Time Trials

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