Ergon Grips
8th Nov 2011 Posted in: Blog , Gear Comments Off on Ergon Grips
Ergon Grips

I first saw a pair of Ergon grips back in 2005 and it was one of those moments when I thought, “Why hasn’t someone thought of that before? Brilliant!” Let’s see, dispersal of weight, better grip, better control and at the weight cost of only a few grams more than the standard (round, painful) grips that come on most bikes. Then I tried a pair and that was it. These days it doesn’t matter if I’m racing 100 miles or running out to get groceries, I love the way these grips feel – all my mtb bikes have Ergon grips. Truth is I notice them most when I borrow or demo a different bike that has standard grips and I’m instantly reminded how lacking a pair of round grips truly are.

The deal is they are a beautifully sculpted pair of control-enhancing, pain-reducing sockets for you hands to plug into a better mountain biking experience. Different sizes, styles and stiffness can be ordered. Find more info at

And they also make saddles, gloves and packs.


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