Mercury Wheels - Not Worth Your Dime(s)
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Mercury Wheels – Not Worth Your Dime(s)

Mercury Wheels – don’t bother! It’s not often we try gear that we don’t like however sometimes a company does such a bad job it’s worth sharing so fellow riders (y’all) will not waste your time or money. Such is the case with Mercury Wheels. They offered a discounted rate on their new X1 Carbon Enduro Wheelset but even at $900 for the pair (retail is $2,199) the deal was not remotely worth it. First they ship without rim tape or valves – basics even a very cheap wheelset comes with these days. So Strike 1 goes to having to pay for Stan’s rim tape and valves on top of buying the wheel set. They don’t even offer the sale of this combo so you have to source the tape and valves yourself.

Strike 2: they screwed up the request for an XD-compatable driver on the rear. The waiting game began while we shipped back the wrong hub and they shipped to us the correct one. Was so much as an apology given? Nope.

Strike 3: After paying a mechanic to swap to the correct hub, he noticed how out of true the wheels were and voila – turns out a spoke was completely un-tensioned on this brand new wheel. This meant over $100 down the drain for a wheel that had to be returned anyway (when we asked for some of our costs to be reimbursed they just ignored the request).

Then the waiting game continued. Once the correct wheel with correct driver arrived, thankfully it was trued and ready to try. One week on this wheelset and we found a serious crack on the side. We won’t call this a strike because riding the rocks in the Frederick Watershed can do this to any wheel under any pressure but we find Strike 4 rears its ugly head when they informed us the “Crash-Replacement” cost is $439 plus shipping. We’ve experienced much less from companies such as HED, Ritchey and Bontragger.

In conclusion: Save your money, your happiness, your sanity – don’t buy Mercury Wheels.

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