Adopt A Highway - Gripped Racing Cycling Team
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Adopt A Highway – Gripped Racing Cycling Team

Before the leaves left the trees we gathered on North Glebe Road in Arlington to pick up trash and make this widely used stretch of road safer for everyone. It’s sad to see how much trash accumulates along this pretty stretch of road however we are very motivated to keep it clean and free of glass or debris which might hurt anyone riding there. For information on adopting your own stretch of highway, either google “Adopt A Highway” and add your location or for VA residents click HERE .


Just feet from the road are streams which lead straight to the Potomac River, further illustrating the fact that we all live downstream


A huge thank you goes to Alex Rapavi and Claudette Archambault for coordinating the effort

Claudette and Tim utilized our VW Golf SportWagen from Lindsay Volkswagon , as versatile as a pickup yet as stylish as a sports car!


Claudette and Tim working out of the back of our VW Golf SportWagen


Tim looking for even the smallest bit of litter – as they are the ones turning up in the bellies of birds and animals. Every bit picked up is one less chance of killing an innocent creature.


I was so proud of Nick who, even after being stung 3x by bees stayed on to see the day through. This kid is not only incredible on a bike but he’s got class and grit.


Monika, Claudette, Alex and Tim with their impressive catch


Oh the irony


Cyclists picking up bicycles. More irony!


A symbol that we are much more than just racing.

I have a profound respect for the people on this team who constantly take time out of their lives to give back to the community in which they live. I hope to see other cycling teams in the area follow suit and dedicate some time away from chasing podiums to cleaning the streets we all ride (unfortunately there is litter everywhere, even in such an educated community).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you see some litter along this road which needs to be picked up, and as always thank you for reading! –Jason Berry

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