Life In Utah
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Life In Utah

Life In Utah –

You know that feeling when you go on vacation, the weather is beautiful, there are a million things to do, and you just want to get out and enjoy every minute before you have to go back home? That’s what it’s like living in Park City. It’s gorgeous every day, about 50 degrees at night, 80 during the day in the summer, no humidity, no mosquitoes. It rained about 5 times in 2 and half months. As someone who has spent my whole life on the East coast, the weather alone is truly unbelievable.   And then there’s the biking, every kind of trail and road you can imagine. 450 miles of dirt out my front door. I’ve been riding and racing mountain bikes for over 20 years and I’ve never ridden dirt as much as I have the past couple months, and I’m not even close to mastering the trail system.


Views from Wasatch Crest

Some of the best of the trails are covered in the Park City Point2Point ( ), one of the best endurance races in the U.S., which I’ve had my sites on since spending much of last summer here. I had the opportunity to attempt it on 9/4. It was ‘only’ 77 miles, but with 90%+ single track and somewhere around 15,000 feet of climbing, it was grueling and took me more than 9 hours to finish, with some cramping, a couple falls, and hail along the way. I’ve done 100 milers faster. But there was cold beer, music, good food, and the family waiting at the finish. Another epic race checked off the list.


Getting to know some of the local rippers


Fun days and epic riding!

In addition to the amazing off-road riding, the roads are almost as good. I had the ‘pleasure’ of doing stage 6 (the Queen stage) of the Tour of Utah the morning the pros did it, which was the day Joe D crushed the field on the climb to Snowbird. It was 113 miles and took me 7.5 hours. Joe did it in 5. Yes, 5. Incredible. That stage included the infamous climb out of Park City to Big Cottonwood Canyon via Empire and Guardsman passes at about mile 75, then a tough decent before climbing another 3000 feet to Snowbird after riding 100 miles. I crawled my up that climb but survived and watched Joe D cross the line and effectively win the tour.


Ready to Race the Ultimate Challenge

Park City and the surrounding area also has great hiking, casual biking trails, and tons of fun activities and festivals. The family has enjoyed the easy access to the outdoors and the amazing weather.


Balloon Festival


Beautiful day for a ride with the girls


Hiking Big Cottonwood

With the mountain bike racing season over, my attention has turned to simply enjoying the rides. Short weekday rides up Dubois, Collins, and Rob’s trails, plus longer weekend rides around Park City and beyond. No worries except an occasional moose blocking the trail.


“Rob’s Trail” – apropos

It’s been great riding and hanging out with teammates Debra and Andy since they moved to town in August.


The new Park City contingency of Gripped Racing

Into November now, the weather is a little cooler but still amazing. The days are shorter and it’ll probably start snowing in a few weeks. That’s when summer vacation ends and winter vacation begins. Thanks for reading, will post more soon! -Rob



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