2014 Wednesday At Wakefield, Race 1 of 4
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2014 Wednesday At Wakefield, Race 1 of 4

Man, what a day. Hot, muggy and nasty however I was still excited!  “This heat is gonna hurt the rest of the guys more than me” I thought.  I kept hydrated all day and got a nice warmup lap (during the kids race) oops!  I wish I wasn’t wearing the kit for this part because I felt like an ass when people yelled for us to get off the course.  But that lap made my race. Kevin,  thanks for your cooling secret.  I never would have thought of it. I wonder what the rest of sport class thought I was up to; it probably looked slightly disturbing.

Estimated 25-30 people waited in sport class while the experts went off.  After what seemed like an hour there was a 1 minute warning,  then GO!

Damn,  I’d have loved a  10 second warning to clip in.  Got off to a good start regardless and up the hill all the way from the right side,  off the gravel and more on the grass, and then dirt part.

Twice during the fist lap, the guys ahead of me went down and I was able to sneak around them and the few others who got stuck behind them.

By the end of the fist lap, the few guys in front just dropped me,  and the guys behind me started falling back so I thought, “This is pretty good!”  I had some room to get into a rhythm and just keep a good pace.  I could look back and see Matt Lee on the straightaways, closing the gap between us.

On the second lap  I started seeing someone with  the bike lane kit, later identified as #209 as I passed.  Thanks JB for the support as I really got close to him coming up the rocky climb by the power lines where I could hear you cheering from far away.

I could see JB setting up for a photo near one of the berms so I came in hot … and came out cold! I washed out nicely and of course he got the shot.

No injuries, just a huge tear in my shorts that I later realized was showing half my rear end.  But all I thought was, “Get up, keep going, finish!”

After this it seemed like i was alone till the end of the third lap, where I somehow get passed by the guy who i think took 5th, he came out of nowhere and then disappeared in front of me with a fresh bikes kit, dammit!   I definitely poured more water on myself to stay cool than I actually drank.

See you next week !

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