Full Steam Ahead
12th Jun 2014 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports Comments Off on Full Steam Ahead
Full Steam Ahead

Matt Lee jumps into the Turkey Hill Classic, just outside Gettysburg Pennsylvania
This was a hard race. I was up to visit Gettysburg with my girlfriend, found a race close by with a cheap entry fee, and thought, “this looks fun”…

Deceived into thinking a course with a 20% climb would be “fun”

Even after finding out the last lap includes something called “The Gamber Wall”. Yeah, sounds fun, right?

Some days you have it, some days you don’t. That’s racing!

I was in the 4/5 race, so less sketchy, but faster. Several short, punchy climbs on the 5-lap circuit race which were full bore 500+ watts every time just to stay with the pack.

Matt Lee in the bunch

Still in the fight

I got dropped from the lead group (before even getting to the wall, which turned out to be almost 20% grade for about a minute or so) and then looked at my average power output and it was 50 watts higher than I’ve ever done for an FTP test. So, disappointing to finish off the back, but still a tough test and I know I left everything out there. Those guys were just fast.

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