Top 10 Reasons Why the Light & Motion Urban 550 is the best Bike Light
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Top 10 Reasons Why the Light & Motion Urban 550 is the best Bike Light

Our favorite light – the Urban 550

1.    Very bright – While riding home of a evening group ride, turn on the flashing mode and cars will really notice you. Even a distracted driving who’s looking up every few seconds between fiddling with their phone will notice the bright flashing lights. Having lights on your bike are critical points in your defence if an car hits you can you go to court.
2.    Great to night riding – on dark trails you can use the maximum power mode of 550 lumes to light up the trail ahead of you.
3.    No external battery packs – the most annoying thing about earlier high powered lights were the external batteries. Whether they strep the top tube or sit in the water bottle cage, the extra cables area nuisance. Plus, charging them are complicated as you needed to remove the external enclosures and remember to unplug so they did not over-heat.
4.    You can easily turn to the side – another cyclist approaching from ahead, no worries you can easily turn the beam to the right to avoid blinding other cyclists.
5.    USB Charging. Ride to work, charge at work! Also when traveling overseas you don’t have to worry about power adapters and converters. You can simply plug into any laptop or computer and charge. Its works with all USB mobile phone chargers too.
6.    No batteries needed. You’ll save both the environment and your wallet as there’s no batteries to buy
7.    Makes a great campsite flash light – due to its tube shaped design you can use it as a general flashlight, so if you’re camping after a long day of cycling, you can use this as a flashlight at night
8.    Side beams – the light also emits a light on the left and right side. So if you are approaching an interaction cars on both sides will see the red flashing lights
9.    Environmental Stewardship – They’ve have been recognized for our pioneering business practices and a smart footprint  including the 2011 “Cool California Award” for greenhouse gas reductions, the 2008 “California Small Business of the Year” award, and W.R.A.P. award for reducing our waste stream 5 years in a row.
10.    Proud Sponsor of Gripped Racing presented by RaceDots!

A comparison chart of other L&M commuter lights:

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Simple. Bright. Awesome.

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