KMC Bling
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KMC Bling
Words by Ryan Johnson

For the past eight years the only chains I have ever had on my bikes were Shimano. Two to three thousand miles, time for a new chain. Winter is over and spring is here, time for a new chain. This was like clockwork for me for years. Since joining Gripped racing I became more aware of KMC and the stellar product they were putting out for 10 spd bikes.  This was an opportunity to go outside of my box and mix things up. I went with the KMC X10SL gold for the weight savings, and the pure sexiness of the gold running through my new SRAM red drive train. Installation was a breeze, with a reusable missing link already in the package. The weight difference was noticeable as I held my original chain in one hand and the KMC in the other. This is most likely due to the hollow pins and slotted plates. The first day out with the chain was a nice leisure ride through the hills of Marshall VA…NOT, it was more like 3 ½ hours of uncomfortable tempo and redline climbing on Joe Dombrowski’s original stomping grounds. From the very first real climb and constant high power and tension I could tell an immediate difference with the chain. Smooth, crisp, and stiff! The whole drive train felt more connected and efficient. When KMC says it is fully compatible with SRAM they are spot on. Shifts under load on the steep inclines were not a problem. Keeping Jason’s wheel on the descents…that’s another story.

Ryan cranking up another leg-burning climb. Skyline Drive, VA.

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