Beet It Beetroot Juice Shots
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Beet It Beetroot Juice Shots
Looking for a Legal, Legit Advantage in Performance?

If you haven’t heard about the training benefits of beet juice by now you need to fire up your search engine (or if you’re pressed for time, check a few of the links at the bottom of this page). Every accredited study in the last few years has shown beet juice makes a significant difference in athletic performance, some stating as much as a 16% boost in stamina. Many riders on the pro tour will not race unless they’ve had their beet juice. The trick is to get the most bang for your buck balanced with a taste you don’t mind.

You can juice your own beets. The potency of fresh juice can’t be questioned, and beets are readily available pretty much everywhere. However, with about 2 oz. yield per beet at most, juicing can take a lot of work and be rather time-consuming, and the cost is somewhat questionable. More importantly, good luck swallowing juice that some like to call “earthy” while I like to say “tastes like dirt.”

Next up: you can buy cases of large bottles of juice on-line at a discount, but most varieties taste something like floor polish. You can also go to you local natural grocery store and pay $9 for a bottle of Biotta Beet Juice. While certainly the best tasting option, watch everything that your body exports turn bright red while your bank account follows suit.

Or you can simply go to BeetIt and order a case of smooth, tasty, pulp-free goodness proven to be more potent (due to concentration) than almost every other product out there, and takes only a second to drink. For just around $3 a serving, this would be a great option even if it wasn’t so potent. It’s worth noting the effectiveness of powedered beet root products are significantly less than real juice (powders are often much cheaper).

Rob (specializes in 100 mile MTB races):
What’s not to like about Beet It? Great taste, convenient packaging, all-natural ingredients, concentrated form, and a notable improvement in performance. I’ve tried other brands of beet juice, but none of them taste as good or provide the boost in such a small quantity.  It’s hard to know for sure how much it really helps, but I do know that my results when drinking Beet It before a race have been personal bests, and I have been training and racing for 20 years.  It’s the right combination of factors that lead to performing at your best, and Beet It will be included in my race and training plans from now on. If you want to learn more about Beet It, e-mail Stephen and tell him we sent you!

-Rob Russell & JB

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