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Cannondale Teramo Helmet

For the first time, in 2012 Cannondale jumped into the and came out swinging. They are only offering 3 in the line – Teramo, Ryker and Radius with descending order of price point, starting at a modest $110 down to $60. Here are a few opinions from riders who have brought these helmets through Hell.

Rob: I’ve been super impressed with the new Cannondale Teramo helmet.  It’s light, comfortable, and much cheaper than most of the competition.  I wore the Teramo for 10-12 hours/week over the winter and for 550 miles this spring at the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa.  The best helmets are ones that you don’t even notice through the long days on the bike, and the Teramo is as good as any I’ve ever worn.

Jason: I’ve paid over $250 for helmets in the past and it wasn’t until 6x World Champion Chris Eatough reminded me that all helmets sold in the USA have to meet the same safety standards that I started to question spending so much. Soon after we had the chance to get some of the first helmets being released by Cannondale (thanks Roberts!) and I jumped in line. I have to admit I feel I have given up nothing and kept a few bucks in my pocket. The helmets are very light, the fit system is very sung and the best thing I can say is I don’t think about it when I’ve got one on. I really like the grippy turn knob to adjust the tension on the back – it’s also easy to turn. Too many more pricey helmets offer a similar adjustment with either impossibly small knobs or ones that are very hard to tighten. Kudos Cannondale for not pandering to the uber-spendy. The Teramo is worth every dime.

Buki: I have been fortunate to race successfully and be alive to write about it because of the Cannondale Teramo supplied to Gripped Racing.  It’s super lightweight and the design works well in all weather, from cold winter training in Micheaux Forest in Pennsylvania this past winter to getting me and my teammate Rob Russell through the 2012 Absa Cape Epic. So good is this helmet that it literally helped save my life this August when, having been hit by a car while on a training ride, the resulting slam onto the highway was cushioned by the Teramo, enabling me to escape from could have been a genuine disaster.  Thanks Cannondale.

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