Team Bowling Night
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Team Bowling Night
In The White House

On April 23 rd , Gripped Racing had the privilege to bowl at the most famous house in America – The White House.

Thanks to Jessica Kelleher who planned the whole event and provided clearance and entrance into one of the most highly secure places in the world! There was a lot of anticipation, and the already high volume of emails between team members spiked when we all realized the coolness factor of bowling at the White House. It was a privilege that not many folks have in their lifetime and we were all excited by the opportunity.

We met promptly in front of the security gates at 6:30 and waited for the most important guest to arrive- the beer. It sounds crazy, but we walked right through 2 security checkpoints with 12-packs of beer. Not only were we headed into the White House as a team, we were walking in with our own party.

The actual bowling alley is adjacent to the West Wing in the Eisenhower Building, which houses many of the supporting sectors of the White House, including the infamous Secret Service office.

For my wife and I,  it  one of our first events with the team so we were both amped to meet everyone and bowl with the ghosts of America’s Presidents.

Author Joe & Megan Praino

Once inside the bowling alley, we all kicked back and bowled like you would expect cyclists to bowl (Except for a few ringers like Scuba! And the Harris had perfect reach-around form!)

We were all curious about the atmosphere of the White House bowling alley and most were surprised to learn that it is comprised of just two lanes that run down a long room in the basement of the building.

One of the highlights of the night was the discovery of Harry Truman’s own bowling ball sitting on the rack!  It was cool to envision the Commander and Chiefs and First Ladies that must have spent hours bowling as an escape from their important worldly responsibilities.

We spent about 2 hours bowling, chatting, eating, drinking and taking in the experience.

What a great way to bond with team members, spouses and friends!  We didn’t mean to break lane 1 but Scuba was throwing them balls with heat!

All in all, it was a memorable team experience for Gripped Racing. -Joe Praino

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