Monthly Archives: May 2013
22nd May 2013 Posted in: Blog , Training Comments Off on Keeping Flexible – Photos and words by Jay Westcott

When I first starting cycling, I thought “this is great. This is my exercise and I don’t have to worry about doing anything else.” I had no idea that was further from the truth. After I developed some serious hip problems my physical therapist and I worked out a routine that has successfully helped to […]

Just Add Water
7th May 2013 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports Comments Off on Just Add Water

How do you take a really tough race and make it ruthless? Add rain, and lots of it! Chris Peariso got the hole shot and led us into the initial singletrack with me right on his wheel and Christian Tanguy just behind me. Happy to be rolling the slippery conditions ahead of the masses, I […]

Joe Dombrowski
3rd May 2013 Posted in: Blog , Training Comments Off on Joe Dombrowski “Wattage Pro”

Pro. The term gets bandied about quite a bit in amateur bike racing circles. Besides its literal definition describing the talented few who are paid to race their bicycles, it has interpretations as an adjective. Pieces of equipment could be described as pro—the latest cutting edge fat / skinny / dimpled / smooth aero wheel, […]

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