The Curse of Kevinth Place
13th Mar 2013 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports Comments Off on The Curse of Kevinth Place

Early season races are always so much fun. Every one is so fresh, so untested, so raw. You can’t help but question how fit you are, since it has been so many cold winter months since you compared yourself to your peers. Team Gripped loaded up a few carloads full of eager pedalers and headed […]

15th Nov 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports Comments Off on CX in SoCAL

Cyclocross occurs in that strange middle region after the end of a grueling XC and endurance season and before the brief respite of the off-season. For those more skilled in the ways of the barriers and dismounts, it’s a destination with regard to training and peaking. For me, it’s more of a stopover on the […]

2012 Winchester Apple Cross
4th Oct 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 1

I put my big boy pants on this year, and have committed to racing cyclocross at the “A” level.  With this change, comes a change in goals.  Getting on the podium?  Maybe last year racing the weekend warrior  “Killer Bs”.  This year, it’s don’t be DFL and don’t get lapped.  Even those are tall orders […]

2012 Leadville Silver Rush 50-Miler
31st Aug 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 1

Welcome home to Colorado, Jessica!  Nothing like moving from sea level to a new state, starting a new job, and signing up for a long endurance race within two months.  Even more brilliant was picking a race that takes place predominantly above 10,000 ft:  the Leadville Silver Rush 50 mile mountain bike race.  Probably less […]

2012 Wilderness 101 - A Solid Team Showing
9th Aug 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 1

A few words from the crew: Kevin, Jason, Jared, Rob, Pam & Buki who all raced through rainy, slippery conditions for great results at this years W101…..   Kevin: 4th place 6:45 I went into the 101 with high but realistic expectations.  My finish order in the last 4 NUE races (the ones without mechanical […]

2012 Absa Cape Epic Part 2
20th Jul 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 2

The idea had been hatched many months before. Chatting on a group ride can sometimes change your life yet not it’s not surprising to us who crave adventure. This photo was taken in September, 2011 as Rob talks to Buki about wanting to do an “Epic” race in 2012… The chance presented itself and Rob […]

2012 Bailey Hundo - Mens Pro?
28th Jun 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 2

The lightning gave way to hail just past 8,000′ with 20 miles left in the race. At first it seemed novel, I’d never raced through hail before. But it hurt. And it was cold, the temperature dropped over 30° … 20 minutes later when the hail turned to driving rain and the course turned downhill, […]

MABRA Crit Championships - Leonardtown 2012
14th Jun 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports Comments Off on MABRA Crit Championships – Leonardtown 2012

Sometimes racing for 45 minutes just isn’t enough. This past weekend Jared and I lined up in Leonardtown MD, a quaint little port town on the Western Shore of Maryland. It was my first crit of the season and while I took 3rd in 2011 I was now in the Cat 3’s. Jared and I […]

Absa Cape Epic 2012 Part 1 of 2
31st May 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 1

Racing will test your limits. Racing across the tip of South Africa for 8 days will test your soul. Deep breath. OK  … One more day. Glance up. Sunny skies … Thank God. 2 days ago we were standing in freezing rain with 119k between us and the finish line. Deep breath. One more day, […]

Winning Streak
23rd May 2012 Posted in: Blog , Race Reports 1

Two weekends, two wins!  I’m always a little reluctant to race back to back weekends but I really wanted to race Greenbrier Marathon and 9 Hours of Cranky Monkey – Greenbrier because it didn’t go well last year and Cranky Monkey because the course is awesome.  Last year the 9 hr race was the weekend […]

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