Devon Halley

Devon is most at home on his ‘cross bike

Devon’s love affair with bikes began after his knees, hips, and ankles finally rebelled from years the rigors of running collegiate cross-county and track and field. Cyclocross was the first discipline Devon tried, finding that the discipline’s wont for surfing the redline and darting through trees and fields made it a kindred spirit to the cross-country running races of his past. Soon afterwards he took to the road, because you have to train somewhere – there he discovered the “race of truth” and started racing time trails. Devon recently decided to add mountain biking to the mix, because while X-ups and table-tops are cool at any age, you can only tool around on a BMX bike in skateparks and parking lots for so long until you start to look kind of creepy.

When he’s not on the bike, Devon enjoys being a record nerd, burrito conqueror, and statistics dork.

After a year off and a new addition to the family I’m hoping to get my legs back under me and capture the elusive single speed CX podium this year, and depending how training goes, maybe go sub 57 in the TT.

Turns out years of distance running will beat up your joints. So being an endurance athlete and needing a competitive and running no longer an option, I turned to cycling. The comradely and ability to cover such huge distances under your own power is a pretty great thing.

Mountain Cat 2
‘Cross Cat 3
Road Cat 4

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