Tim Walker


Lacrosse, wrestling, snowboarding, skydiving, kung fu, triathlon… Hi, my name is Tim Walker, and these were my symptoms until recently.* If they sound familiar to you, you may be suffering from Sporting Attention Deficit Disorder. I used to flit from one sport to the next, enjoying each one but burning out relatively quickly. Thankfully, there’s a cure. Cycling is a multidisciplinary approach to combating SADD, offering cool gear, camaraderie, and competition.** Racing bikes helped me, and it can help you too.

* Spokesperson is not a professional racer, but an amateur who spends most of his time engaged in market research, policy analysis, and parenting.

** Caution, side effects may include: shaved legs, road rash, loss of free time, reduced spending money, increased beer consumption, cowbell tolerance, and angry spouse.


Cross Cat 3
Road Cat 4

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