Companions For Heroes and Gripped Racing
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Companions For Heroes and Gripped Racing
A Chance To Give Back

A couple weeks ago Gripped Racing took time out to do something special for some very special people. We first learned of Companions for Heroes when team mate Paul DelVecchio invited us to a New Years Eve fundraiser for the organization (previously known as Pets to Vets). With 2 distinguished veterans on the squad Jason looked into aligning with this outstanding organization and their logo is now on the left shoulder of our jersey’s. But exposure was just the start – Gripped Racing stepped up to create a special fund that will help ensure all 4-legged companions that are placed with veterans have an emergency insurance plan which helps keep the relationship together through thick and thin. Often times veterans are strapped for money and take years to get back on their feet financially after active duty. If their companion suffers a sudden illness or accident there is little extra money to cover it. That’s when the Gripped Racing Emergency Fund activates and helps cover costs of treatment for the animal, keeping the financial stress from burdening the veteran.

From left to right: Jared, Pam, Hannah, Rob, Joe, Vas, Tony, Jason, Chris, Lynne, Steph

On September 4th at the last Fresh Bikes Tuesday Ride of the year, Gripped Racing presented Companions for Heroes with a check for $2,000 as a start for this emergency insurance fund. Lieutenant Colonel Tim Abbott (second from left below) helped broker a deal with a pet insurance company which will work with C4H as they grow.

Tim, Rob and Hannah ask Tony how he rides without brakes…

We look forward to continuing our support of C4H and encourage others to like their facebook page and consider contributing through their website,

Some photos from the event: Future racer Hannah Russell and her new friend Honors.

Alex is amazed to see his old Cervelo turned into a fixy

Jason Harris arrives – happy to be riding again.

Many thanks to all who have donated and been part of supporting these amazing people. Special thanks to for donating 2 full kegs! Thanks also to Martin Radigan for shooting great photos at our team events!

Shout out to Arlington Police Department for providing a safe ride down a busy Quincy St.

And to FreshBikes Arlington for another summer of outstanding BBQ Rides!

And thank you for reading! -Gripped Racing

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