Top 10 Reasons Why the Light & Motion Urban 550 is the best Bike Light
5th Jan 2014 Posted in: Gear Comments Off

1.    Very bright – While riding home of a evening group ride, turn on the flashing mode and cars will really notice you. Even a distracted driving who’s looking up every few seconds between fiddling with their phone will notice the bright flashing lights. Having lights on your bike are critical points in your defence […]

KMC Bling
27th Aug 2013 Posted in: Blog , Gear Comments Off

For the past eight years the only chains I have ever had on my bikes were Shimano. Two to three thousand miles, time for a new chain. Winter is over and spring is here, time for a new chain. This was like clockwork for me for years. Since joining Gripped racing I became more aware […]

KMC Chains:  Every 1% Is An Advantage
24th Aug 2013 Posted in: Blog , Gear Comments Off

Joining Gripped Racing – it seems so long ago, but at the same time it feels like just yesterday. I remember my first team meeting where JB (El Capitan) asked us if we had any ideas for manufacturers with shome we would like to partner, and from the back of the room I rudely shouted […]

Beet It Beetroot Juice Shots
26th Jul 2013 Posted in: Gear Comments Off

If you haven’t heard about the training benefits of beet juice by now you need to fire up your search engine (or if you’re pressed for time, check a few of the links at the bottom of this page). Every accredited study in the last few years has shown beet juice makes a significant difference […]

Spring Classics: Dogfish Head Spring Brew Review
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Having the coolest title sponsor in MABRA means talking about beer even more than wheel choice. This is the best time of year for racing. Everyone is enthusiastic and the season is full of potential. There’s no need to obsess over points yet.  And the weather is phenomenal. This is the worst time of year […]

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In March in 1995, I took command of Delta Company (above, Tim pictured far right), 3-15 Infantry (Mechanized) at Ft. Stewart, Georgia. The day I took command, I sat the 145 men down and talked about warfighting, training, living hard to be hard, physical and mental fitness, God and Country, your fellow Soldier, America—all the […]

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With daylight savings a thing of the past for 2012, we are all faced with darker rides. Here are a few words from those on the team who have taken full advantage of the awesome support provided to us by Light & Motion. Jason Harris – Master Mechanic at FreshBikes, Cat 2 MTB, Bike Commuter: […]

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For the first time, in 2012 Cannondale jumped into the helmet product line and came out swinging. They are only offering 3 in the line – Teramo, Ryker and Radius with descending order of price point, starting at a modest $110 down to $60. Here are a few opinions from riders who have brought these […]

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em•bro•ca•tion noun \ˌem-brə-ˈkā-shən\ : a liquid or semiliquid preparation that is applied to the skin as an anodyne or a counterirritant Competitive cyclists are a weird bunch. Being a card-carrying member of the tribe for the better part of 18 years affords me the right of self-deprecation, but after a even a bit of self […]

14th Nov 2011 Posted in: Blog , Gear Comments Off

Every aspiring bike racer who actually has day job having nothing to do with cycling eventually realizes is that inventory management and organizational skills matter.  When you cross the line between recreational riding and racing, and later between racing and really racing, management of all the cycling “things” gets to be paramount.  You jump in […]

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