Jason Harris

Born 1980 and raised in Arlington, VA, Jason started riding at an early age but didn’t grow past 20″ wheels until 2008.  BMX is the foundation of his riding style.  Growing up riding neighborhood streets and parks, he eventually graduated to dirt jumps and the race track.  Harris really started getting into bikes in 1992 after his super heavy Murray MTB got stolen and was replaced with an chromed out Mongoose California BMX bike.  Gaining skills, tricks, and street cred, he soon started working at his local bike shop, Papillon Cycles.

Fast forward to today.  Car-Free for 7 years, Harris is now the owner of his own bicycle service shop, Trifecta Tuning LLC.  He’s competed in multiple racing disciplines, including Savageman Half-Iron Tri (2 bricks), Shenandoah Mountain 100 (11:55 and 10:34), Wilderness 101 (10:30), Syllamo’s Revenge, Iron Cross, and Tour of the Battenkill.  With over 20 years of bicycle mechanic experience and 6 seasons of racing, he’s happy to provide insight, unbiased advice, and professional mechanical services that are hard to find elsewhere.  Call for appointment (571)308-8863

MTB : Cat 1
CX : Cat 4
Road : Cat 5



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