Training To Win

Racing is only a small part of what we do. Training is our life. Talk to a non-cyclist about why and it’s like trying to describe a color. You can find words but until you’ve seen that color or been through that race – the heat of the battle, the rush of adrenaline, the sheer suffering followed by the triumph of finishing and ever so rarely winning. It’s either in your blood and you live for it or you are an ‘also-ran’ and you try it but it just doesn’t stick. It’s a lifestyle, sheer passion, total dedication … in a word, love.

We found that when we ride with other racers, more times than not the conversation comes around to training. This is where we will share our thoughts on what we’re doing, what we’ve heard others are doing and any tips we’re willing to share. If it’s all coming together there will be some more podium shots for 2013. Click HERE for the goods.


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