Making a Difference for Veterans and Shelter Animals
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Making a Difference for Veterans and Shelter Animals

No one should ever lose a beloved pet because of financial hardship in the face of an emergency. And thanks to Gripped Racing, one veteran doesn’t have to.

Gripped Racing proudly supports Companions for Heroes (C4H), an organization that matches shelter and rescue animals with American veterans recovering from psychological challenges they suffered during service. Research continues to grow that shows how effective service animals have been in treating the symptoms for those suffering with PTSD. With the number of military suicides and cases of PTSD higher than ever and an estimated 60-70% of shelter animals euthanized every year, C4H fills a very important role in the lives of two groups that can mutually benefit from one another.

C4H matches veterans, first responders, and those on active duty, such as SPC Stasney, who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) while on duty in Afghanistan, with animals needing adoption. C4H matched him with Io, who came from from a shelter in Colorado. SPC Stasney says: “Io has impacted my life significantly in a way that is indescribable.”

Pets, as many of us know first hand, require great care and investment, and, with pet health insurance not often available, veterinary care can quickly become quite expensive. In the event of an accident or sickness, a pet owner may find himself with a sudden financial burden, which may mean extremely difficult choices to make.

For veterans with service animals, the loss can be particularly devastating.

So last September, Gripped Racing led a fundraising drive to collect donations for a new Companions for Heroes Emergency Fund to help those military personnel matched with pets to pay for veterinary care in the event of a medical emergency.

We collected over $2,000, and, at a special evening at the weekly Freshbikes Tuesday night shop ride, presented a check to C4H.


In January, C4H matched Cpl Matt Patterson and his wife Ali with Chloe.

However, the Pattersons recently found themselves with a very sick dog—Chloe had kennel cough, a urinary tract infection, and pneumonia—and facing over $500 in veterinary bills to treat her!

C4H, however, was able to activate the Emergency Fund to help the Pattersons cover those expenses, get Chloe treated, and keep their loved companion.

Gripped Racing is so pleased that the Emergency Fund was put to good use and a hero and companion were able to stay together—healthy and happy.


Click here to learn more about Companions for Here and donate.


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