Bike To The Beach 2014
3rd Aug 2014 Posted in: Blog, Featured, Race Reports 0

We didn’t have to stage until 4:00 am, but, when I woke up at 2:00 am, I knew I should just get up. When you’re excited for an event, sleep is kind of a waste of time. Best to just get the coffee flowing. By 3:45 am when Jay Westcott pulled in from his 3-hour […]

2014 Wednesday At Wakefield, Race 1 of 4
19th Jun 2014 Posted in: Blog, Featured, Race Reports Comments Off

Man, what a day. Hot, muggy and nasty however I was still excited!  “This heat is gonna hurt the rest of the guys more than me” I thought.  I kept hydrated all day and got a nice warmup lap (during the kids race) oops!  I wish I wasn’t wearing the kit for this part because […]

Maryland State Mountain Bike Championships, Greenbrier
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MD State Championships, Greenbrier: Gripped started the day early with Kevin Carter leading the Endurance Open class – 4 solid hours of relentless rocks. In usual Kevin fashion an additional challenge lay in having forgotten his shoes. He borrowed a pair of commuter shoes with floppy soles but they fit so off he went. By […]

Full Steam Ahead
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Matt Lee jumps into the Turkey Hill Classic, just outside Gettysburg Pennsylvania This was a hard race. I was up to visit Gettysburg with my girlfriend, found a race close by with a cheap entry fee, and thought, “this looks fun”… Deceived into thinking a course with a 20% climb would be “fun” Even after […]

Early Season Races
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Racing season is in full swing and Gripped has been turning in laps and finding the podium at the end. Few weeks back a bunch of us showed up for the Melford Crit in Maryland, a fast, office park crit with gradual turns but enough pinches in the curb-lined roads to keep it sketchy. Matt […]

2014 Bakers Dozen Mt. Bike Race
29th Apr 2014 Posted in: Blog, Race Reports Comments Off

The last couple years Gripped had focused on Battenkill but 2014 saw us return to this classic race. Too often we get caught up in focusing on the win yet at this year’s Duz we kept things fun and simple – camping out with good friends, cooking up good food, drinking some great beer and […]

Tour of the Battenkill 2014
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I got up to Saratoga Springs around midnight Friday. Straight to bed for my 11 a.m.race start time. It rained all night. Trying to get warmed up for the start was tough as the roads were still wet and it felt a lot colder than I expected with temps in the upper 30s. Gray, cold, and […]

2013 Cross Season Recap
16th Jan 2014 Posted in: Blog, Race Reports, Uncategorized Comments Off

As the cyclocross season comes to an end we’d like to share our favorite stories and photos. From Kevin Carter’s amazing season with 6 wins to filming for RaceDots launch video, it was a Fall to remember. Ryan Johnson: Something about cyclocross has always fascinated me: everything from the racing to the atmosphere, and of […]

Rob Finds His Limit - In The Tetons
5th Jan 2014 Posted in: Blog, Race Reports Comments Off

DNF – 3 letters no racer ever wants to see next to his name, but this day at Grand Targhee would be my first. 100 miles on a mountain bike is never easy. But at 10,000 feet, it’s simply unforgiving. In a place where I’ve had so many glorious days snowboarding in some of the […]

Just Ride: Gripped Goes West
28th Oct 2013 Posted in: Blog, Fun, Race Reports Comments Off

If there is one thing I really love about mountain biking, it’s the “mountain” part, so over the last couple of years I had been researching mountain towns and daydreaming about living in the mountains, starting each day with a hike or ride, and generally changing my lifestyle. This dream was further fueled by doing […]


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