VIVE LÁ TOUR! Coming soon: Gripped Racing’s Annual Tour de France Screening! Join us on July 14th at the Arlington Cinema and Draft House as we watch the best cyclists in the world tackle one of the toughest climbs known to 2 wheels – Mont Ventoux!! The doors open at 6:30 and the show begins […]

Youth Cycling Clinic

We had a great time at our 2nd Youth Cycling Clinic yesterday at the Lindsay Collision Center in Springfield, VA. It was a perfect venue as the weather was unpredictable with some nearby thunderstorms, we had plenty of air-conditioned room to ride around in. We went through fitting our helmets, the A-B-C-Quick-Check, slalom-course turns, quick-turns, […]

Returning to the Roots
23rd May 2016 Posted in: Blog, Community, Events, Featured, Fun, Gear, Training, Uncategorized Comments Off on Returning to the Roots

After nearly 20 years I recently left Arlington for Frederick, MD and as with any big life change you take time to reflect as you pack up all your belongings and then unpack in a strange, new place. Cycling has given me not only good health, an outlet for a lot of energy, and fun […]

New Dad! Learning to Love Early Morning Trainer Workouts
20th Apr 2016 Posted in: Blog, Community, Events, Featured, Fun, Race Reports, Training, Uncategorized Comments Off on New Dad! Learning to Love Early Morning Trainer Workouts

We can all agree, juggling work and family commitments can be challenging. For those of us who try to maintain 10-15 hours per week training and preparing for race season, schedules become even more compressed. To ensure I make all my hours Monday through Friday, very early morning training sessions before work are a necessity. […]

Fat Bike Love
16th Mar 2015 Posted in: Blog, Fun, Training, Video Comments Off on Fat Bike Love

What’s the best way for a cyclist to get through a brutal, long, snowy Winter? I used to think it was cross training (snowboarding, hiking, ice fishing). Until now. I had a chance to borrow my teammate’s Fat Bike a couple weeks ago and thought I’d post a couple words about it. FUN and FUN. […]

So It Begins
16th Dec 2014 Posted in: Blog, Community, Events, Fun, Race Reports, Training Comments Off on So It Begins

For racers looking to peak mid-season, there’s no real need to be following a training plan in early December but for those looking to do well in early season races, now is the time to ramp up the miles. I’ve chosen Tour of the Battenkill as an “A” race so I will be hyper-focused on […]

28th Apr 2014 Posted in: Blog, Training Comments Off on Why I Time Trial – Alex Rapavi

I’m a time trial addict. Why, you ask?  Why would I put myself through the intense physical pain I know I’m going to experience? I love time trials because they are all you. No drafting, no protection from the elements. It’s you against the wind, the heat, a ticking clock, your mind telling you “this […]

2nd Annual Lockhouse Weekend
18th Mar 2014 Posted in: Blog, Events, Training Comments Off on 2nd Annual Lockhouse Weekend

Our 2nd Annual Gripped Racing Lockhouse weekend helped us get through one of the snowiest winters in DC-land on record.It was the second week of March, and, with an ominous snowstorm forecast, only the hearty took the chance of being snowed in with the team in a small, old lockhouse. Luckily the storm held off, […]

Racing With Class
24th Jun 2013 Posted in: Blog, Training Comments Off on Racing With Class

I first met Ryan McKinney in 1998 when he was 18 years old and we shared a ride up to 24 Hours of Canaan in West Virginia. The biggest thing I noticed about Ryan was not his phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio but rather his contagious happiness. Throughout the weekend, I watched the rest of his 4-man […]

22nd May 2013 Posted in: Blog, Training Comments Off on Keeping Flexible – Photos and words by Jay Westcott

When I first starting cycling, I thought “this is great. This is my exercise and I don’t have to worry about doing anything else.” I had no idea that was further from the truth. After I developed some serious hip problems my physical therapist and I worked out a routine that has successfully helped to […]


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